“Visions from The Metropolis” Opens at Kean University

In Kean University’s mission to expand influence and appreciation of the visual arts, Italian artist Franca Marini has opened her exhibit Visions From the Metropolis with a reception Thursday November 2nd, and the Karl and Helen Burger Gallery.

Franca Marini comes from the medieval city of Siena, Italy. She moved to the United States in the late 1980s to continue her education at the San Francisco Art Institute, then for over a decade, Marini lived and worked as a professional artist in New York City.

The current exhibition at the gallery, Visions from the Metropolis,  features work the she painted during this period in the 1990s.

While living in the U.S. Marini was exposed to many new ideas. However, the imagery of the great Sienese painters of the Medieval and early Renaissance times continued to heavily influence her contemporary canvas artworks.

Franca said she was overwhelmed with emotion at the amount of faculty, friends and students in particular at her opening reception. One group was a class from Art History: Renaissance to the Modern World.  

“This is a special opportunity, to share my work in such an astounding academic institution, and I hope that somehow it can be an inspiration for any of you to would like to pursue an artistic career,” she said.

After her opening statement, guests were able to talk with Franca directly about her art pieces for further discussion about her current, past and future exhibitions.

“One of the main reasons that we have art galleries on campus, to stimulate conversation and show the many avenues art can influence you,” said Neil Tetkowski, Director of the Art Galleries.

Visions From the Metropolis will be free and open to the public until December 21st. Franca also has an upcoming exhibition in the Human Rights Institute at Kean University. Her winter exhibition Transnational Migration & Immigration, will have an opening reception February 1st.

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