Introducing the New Kean University Seal


The Kean University seal is getting a facelift.

The Office of University Relations today unveils a new seal that enhances the University’s brand by better showcasing its name and other elements that are important to its visual identity.

The new seal is already in use and will be rolled out in the coming weeks and months on additional materials.

“The seal is used on everything from the website to billboards, flyers, clothing and more,” said Karen Smith, vice president of University Relations. “It’s an important tool in establishing the University’s brand to prospective students and others. The new seal makes the University’s name more prominent so people immediately know that it represents Kean.”

The seal has evolved throughout the course of the University’s 163-year history. The previous version had been in use since Kean became a university in 1997. The new seal is easier to read but maintains a consistent design to ensure continuity.

“Every time a student or faculty member wears a t-shirt with the Kean seal or gives a presentation in front of the Kean seal, they are helping to market the University,” Smith said. “We want to make sure it’s effective. The new seal won’t appear everywhere overnight, but it will slowly become the University’s dominant visual logo.”

University Relations staff have already started to change signage and other printed and digital materials.

Going forward, faculty, staff and students are asked to use the new seal on all materials. For more information and to download the new seal, visit here.

University Relations also recently released the Kean University Editorial Style Guide, which is designed to maintain consistency in style, spelling, grammar and punctuation across all written materials. To review and download the Kean Editorial Style Guide, visit here.


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