Weekly Kean News Email Launched


What is the Kean story?

The Office of University Relations today launches a Kean News email digest designed to showcase news, videos, photography and social media content about the students, alumni, faculty and staff who shape the Kean story.

This email, called Kean News, will be delivered to your inbox every Tuesday morning during the academic year. It aims to highlight top news about student achievements, faculty research, innovative programs and more that make Kean a world-class institution.

“Kean’s reputation for excellence rests on the many accomplishments of its students, faculty and staff,” said Karen Smith, vice president of University Relations. “Through Kean News, we aim to improve communication and create a shared understanding of what it means to be Kean proud.”

Kean News will include coverage from external media outlets, replacing the KEAN in the News email that has previously been distributed to faculty and staff, as well as important announcements and details about upcoming events on campus.

“Students, faculty and staff – we are all busy. It can be hard for all of us to know the exciting things going on around campus,” Smith said. “The goal of this email is create one source of information for everyone at Kean.”

Do you have a story or event you would like to see included in the Kean News email? Please contact the Office of University Relations at least two weeks beforehand so staff can find the best way to showcase it. Event submissions can be made here. News submissions can be made here.

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