Italian Geology Professor Talks Art Restoration, Masterpieces


Professor and researcher in geological studies at the University of Siena in Italy Marco Giamello shared insights on the science of art with Kean University’s Fine Arts Conservatory students. In a guest lecture, he presented observations from his studies of the masterpieces of Tuscan sculptors, including Michelangelo’s David and Tino di Camaino’s Triptych.

“Marco Giamello’s research is very inspiring as he combines archeology, geology, and art and architecture — science and art come together for the purpose of restoration and preservation,” said Director of University Galleries Neil Tetkowski. “Among other interesting things, he has taken micro-samples and worked directly on Michelangelo’s David.”

Giamello has researched the cultural importance of the architecture of Siena as well as sculpture restoration methods for natural stone, marble and terracotta. He introduced to the students the different materials that are studied when identifying past restorations, including the marbles, traces of film, colors and tool marks. They learned that there are many characteristics to the art and that every inch of the sculpture must be examined.

“I came here today because listening to those who have hands-on experience expands my knowledge as an artist,” said junior studio art illustration major Timothy Rivera of Elizabeth, “Listening to somebody who has touched Michelangelo’s David was something I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see.”

After the presentation, Giamello opened the floor for questions and spent one-on-one time with students.

“They were very attentive,” said Giamello. “It makes me want to share even more with them.”

By welcoming presenters like Giamello, Kean’s Fine Arts Conservatory gives students the opportunity to observe and learn from experienced professionals who also serve as examples of what they can accomplish in the future.

(L-R): Marco Giamello, University of Siena geology professor and Neil Tetkowski, director of Kean University Galleries.

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