Shakespeare's *itches

Kean University Professor Susanna Rich’s comedic and musical talents brought Shakespeare’s women to vivid life in Shakespeare's *itches: The Musical. Rollicking, moving, bawdy and philosophical, Shakespeare’s *itches: The Musical gives voice to often victimized characters. Highlights included the poignant “Desdemona's Song" and the inventive “Cordelia Appears on the Montel Williams Show."  Here are a few of the show's many outstanding reviews:  

David Messineo, Poet and Publisher 
"Those who think they've seen it all with Shakespeare may appreciate this perspective, and enjoy an evening that is at times fun, educational, and enlightening."
Dan Grover, Kean University Professor of English
“An omnisexual folk cabaret!”
Tina-Marie Lopez‎, Kean Alumna
"The great liberator, Susanna Rich unshackles Shakespeares women and gives to them a melodic voice through memorable tunes, lively movements, and motivational, soul-touching words."
Davidson Garrett, Poet
"Susanna has written a musical solo show based on women characters from The Bard. It was very entertaining and touching and Susanna got a well-deserved standing ovation."

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