Sue Gronewold

Associate Professor of History

Expertise: Modern Chinese history, Asian women’s issues, US-China trade, welfare and philanthropy, the Silk Road, Bangladesh, Cambodian genocide Learn More about Sue Gronewold

Robert Hunt

Professor of Political Science

Expertise: U.S. Constitutional Law, political theory, church-state issues, Constitutional theory, Catholic moral and intellectual history Learn More about Robert Hunt

Dennis Klein

​Professor of History

Expertise: Jewish history and culture, the Fair Trade movement, memory of the Holocaust era, interfaith and group dynamics, genocide, developments of massive state violence and their aftermath Learn More about Dennis Klein

Xurong Kong

Assistant Professor of History

Expertise: Chinese literature, medieval China, History of Chinese civilization, culture, painting, poetry, the Silk Road, modern China Learn More about Xurong Kong

Robin Landa

Distinguished Professor, Design

Expertise: Creativity, social media, creative thinking in the digital age, branding, advertising design, graphic design, promotional design Learn More about Robin Landa

Holly Logue

Chair, Department of Theatre

Expertise: Musical theatre history, arts accreditation, director of more than 60 productions in the region, frequent appearances in local professional companies Learn More about Holly Logue

Patricia Morreale

Professor of Computer Science

Expertise: Computer science/information technology education, internet privacy issues, network design, wireless communication, the design and deployment of multimedia and network systems Learn More about Patricia Morreale

Feng Qi

Associate Professor and Executive Director, School of Environmental and Sustainability Sciences

Expertise: Environmental Science and Sustainability, Geographic Information Systems, Digital Soil Mapping, Geocomputation, Geo-visualization and their applications in Environmental Modeling and Public Health.  Learn More about Feng Qi

Brian Regal

Assistant Professor, History of Science

Expertise: Evolution, pseudoscience and politics, creationism, Charles Darwin, evolutionary theory, monsters (real and imagined) Learn More about Brian Regal

Frank Wetta

Senior Lecturer in History

Expertise: US military history; War in popular culture and memory as reflected in movies, literature and symbols; Confederate flag history, display and controversies Learn More about Frank Wetta

Mia Zamora

Associate Professor of English

Expertise: Digital humanities, literacy, influence of digital media on reading habits, world literature, comparative literature, Postcolonial Studies, Transnational American Studies, Asian Diaspora. Learn More about Mia Zamora