Design Gallery


The Design Gallery is a club for students of all ages who are interested in pursuing careers in the arts and design. The intention of these gatherings is to promote learning and encouraging students to share their ideas and goals. The passionate students of the Design Gallery have been able to raise awareness and appreciation of design through events and welcoming activities on campus. This is not an opportunity solely for those who are majoring in design. The members of the club are open to any and all who share interests no matter what they are pursuing.

The Design Gallery provides a welcoming environment for developing ideas and encouraging those who wish to pursue careers in design. Open minds allow conversation and discussion regarding experience in design, answering questions, and forging bonds through similar interests. Though projects are not a requirement, the club does accept the opportunity to display their skills by designing posters, flyers, logos, and other advertisements, thereby becoming a chance for hands-on experience as well as an after school activity. The next meeting will be on February 13 at the Green Lane Building in room 504C.

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