The American Sign Language Club, known as ASL for short, began in the year 2010 by a small group of determined students. The official mission statement of the American Sign Language Club is: "The ASL Club looks to educate and spread awareness to its members on the culture and language of the Deaf community.” The club gained notoriety and was given official status the net year. They have developed over the semesters by adding new members, offering programs to the students on campus, and spreading awareness of Deaf culture. Some of their successful events include “Deaf Chat in Café Yumba”, “Deaf for a Day”, and “Deaf Panel.”

A popular event hosted by the American Sign Language Club is known as the Deaf Jam, which is run in accordance with a performance group known as The Deaf Jammers, or DJs. This is a great opportunity for students to gather and participate in the art of portraying poetry and literature for the Deaf community and other esteemed guests. This event is scheduled for May 1, 2013, in the University Center Little Theater from 6pm to 9pm.

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