Recent Grad Embarks on Career in Broadcasting


Recent Kean University graduate Jezzamine Wolk is embarking on a career in broadcasting with NBCUniversal. 

Wolk began her studies as an Occupational Therapy (OT) major.  She credits her college experiences with helping her to come to know herself and placing her on the path to a career in communications. 

“My first semester at Kean, I took a general education Communication course which changed my life,” said Wolk.  “I had an amazing, inspiring professor who did PR for professional sports teams and she made me realize my passion for public speaking.” 

That pivotal freshman course motivated Wolk to change her major from OT to Communications.  She found that she flourished in her chosen path and exciting doors began to open, including a study abroad experience in Israel and internships in broadcasting.  Interning for both CNBC and MSNBC, Wolk gained hands-on news production experience in her dream field.  Surrounded by top producers and on air talent, she was able to develop new skills and build a strong professional network.

“My internships provided me with work samples to show potential employers including videos, scripts, radio commercials and other writing samples,” said Wolk.  “I've made amazing connections along the way which have definitely played a role in my journey. Now, I will be working at a leading political news outlet during the election cycle and I couldn't be more excited.”

Wolk advised current Kean students to, "make the most of your undergraduate career and do internships in your field.  Graduating with names like CNBC and MSNBC on my resume has made me a more attractive job candidate and I have been overwhelmed by the post-graduation opportunities I've received."

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