President Obama’s Google+ “Hangout” Live Video Chat


On Monday, January 30th, at 5:30 PM EST, President Obama will be participating in a live video chat set up through a Google+ Hangout.  Following the State of the Union address that the President gave last night, citizens are invited to submit questions to Obama.  This is the chance for people throughout the country to get more involved and to ask any question of importance to him.  While he won’t answer every single one, he will answer many of the most popular questions.

Google+ is a relatively new social networking site where “connecting on the web is now more like connecting in the real world.”  The Google+ Hangout is a feature on the site where “spontaneity hits the web.”  It is essentially a large video chat, with up to 9 people in different locations able to be in on the same chat.  President Obama and many members of his administration will sit in on the chat, and a few certain lucky individuals that submit questions will also be invited to also join the hangout.

This isn’t the first demonstration of Obama's social media skills.  He has a Twitter page with over 12 million followers and has hosted Twitter events where he has also taken questions.  He actively participates on Twitter, randomly responding and “re-tweeting” tweets he receives at any given time.  The President has accounts on various other popular social media websites, such as Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram

Questions for the President can be submitted through The White House's YouTube channel by January 28th.  You can also vote for your favorite questions even if you don't want to submit one yourself.  Most questions will likely be centered around the State of the Union address, which you can watch in full also on the YouTube channel in case you missed it.

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