New iPhone Details Released


A reliable source has unveiled information regarding Apple's newest iPhone and details about the new appearance and the date we can expect to see it hit shelves. These things may not 100% verified yet, but the trustworthy iLounge has added to exising rumors about what is coming for the next generation iPhone.

Some of the specs we may see in the next iPhone:

  • 4 inch screen (currently 3.5 inches)
  • 16 x 9 aspect ratio (same as HDTVs)
  • Taller by 10mm
  • Thinner by 2mm (20% thinner)
  • Part of the new back will be made with the futuristic metal, LiquidMetal
  • Stronger and thinner Gorilla 2 Glass on the front
  • New, smaller dock connector

And when might we see this stronger, taller, thinner, more High Def iPhone?  According to the same rumors, it is expected to be released this fall, around September or October.  We will finally be able to put rumors to rest whenever it may be that Apple releases the newest iPhone product.  Until then, these are some exciting rumored aspects to be looking forward to.

Watch a video of what the new Iphone might look like in this video from Mashable.

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