Metalsmiths Make their Mark on Kean


The Metalsmith Student League won top honors at Kean Day, the university’s annual celebration of student groups and activities, taking home the $500 grand prize. Entrants were judged on originality, audience interaction and Kean pride. 75 student groups participated in the event which drew a crowd of over 2,000.

Chasing, a popular metal smithing technique, involves using hammers and dies to leave indelible marks. The Metalsmith Student League's interactive Kean Day display invited students to “make their mark on Kean,” by chasing words and textures into die cut metal letters. 

Kean Graduate student Marianne Jennings re-launched the Metalsmith Student League in 2016, with help from professor Jennifer Crupi and Kean’s Fine Arts department.

“I fell in love after my first metals class,” said Metalsmith Student League president Marianne Jennings. “Professor Jennifer Crupi was so talented I knew I would learn a lot from one of the best.” 

Crupi, a metal smith and fine artist whose work is featured in the Smithsonian’s permanent collection, is the academic advisor to the Metalsmith Student League. She creates sculptural objects and jewelry that enhance and promote gestures and visual communication.

Jennings, a Mountainside resident, earned her bachelor’s degree from Kean in 1985 and recently returned to the university to pursue graduate studies in Fine Arts.  Over 70 students signed up to learn more about the club at Kean Day.

“So many students didn't know Kean offered metalsmithing and many had never heard of our club before,” said Jennings.



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