Graduating English Major Weaves Story of Success


Take it from the Class of 2018’s Schané Flowers – no matter the challenges, include internships in your Kean education.

The English writing major from Perth Amboy had six of them in New York, New Jersey and remotely in California during her years at Kean. As she graduates with her bachelor’s degree, Flowers has two jobs waiting for her, one with Ann Taylor Loft, and another as a content provider for an online store.

“I did multiple internships at the same time because I didn’t want to lose the opportunities that were given,” she said.

Flowers admits it wasn’t always easy, but she used difficulties at home as motivation to succeed in school. In 2016, she had to deal with her mother’s death from breast cancer and having to find a place to live on her own.

“I had to rely on myself and basically build a launchpad for me,” said Flowers. “With my mom gone, there was no guarantee of someone to fall back on. I feel like that was one of the reasons why I looked for so many internships, so that when I left college, I would be more secure entering the job market.”

During her years at Kean, Flowers interned with Bronze Magazine as an article writer and editor; Spoiled NYC in the editorial and social media departments; ComicsVerse in social media and as co-producer of its web series; and ExPR Survival Technologies as a digital marketing strategist. She currently works as a marketing fellow with Women on Work and on campus as a publicist assistant at Kean’s Office of University Relations.

“I love the idea of waking up and doing something different every day with my writing,” said Flowers.

Her advice to Kean students is to start looking for internships in sophomore year, because they will be stepping stones to a career.

As the 26-year-old begins her post-college life, all she needs for motivation is a glance at the lotus flower tattoo on her arm, which has nothing to do with her last name.

"Lotus flowers grow in shallow, murky, muddy waters, and the stem pushes through to bloom over the surface,” Flowers said. “I always view the lotus flower as overcoming hardships and coming out on the other side as beautiful.”

Photo Caption: Graduating Senior Schané Flowers.

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