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The English writer John Mansfield once described universities as places where "those who perceive truth may strive to make others see." That phrase also describes the mission of the new Kean University Center for History, Politics and Policy, which was unveiled during Dr. Dawood Farahi’s opening day address to Kean University faculty, staff, and students.

Dr. Farahi created the center as a platform for Kean University faculty who wish to share their research, wisdom, and observations not only with students and colleagues, but with the global village in which we all live. The Center will give faculty opportunities to comment on the issues of the day with civility and substance, qualities that often seem absent in today’s public square. Through essays written for general audiences, commentary in both new and old media venues, and public programs on and off campus, Kean University faculty will become leaders in New Jersey’s civic conversation on issues ranging from school reform to global human rights to the challenges of aging populations, and many others.

“We know that Kean University has a world-class faculty,” Dr. Farahi said. “The Center will help create greater awareness of the research and scholarship carried out on our campus.”

Dr. Farahi appointed Terry Golway, a five-year veteran of Kean, to serve as director of the Center. Golway left the editorial board of the New York Times to come to Kean in 2006. He has served as the president’s liaison to Liberty Hall Museum since arriving at Kean and is a familiar face on campus.

“The new Center is a wonderful opportunity for Kean faculty to engage the public on issues that inspire their research and scholarship,” Golway said. “Through Dr. Farahi’s leadership, the Center will become one of the University’s most-public, most-engaged institutions.”

The Center debuted with a splash last week, releasing poll numbers on New Jersey’s opinion of President Obama and Governor Christie just two days after their leadership was tested when Hurricane Irene devastated the state. That information was garnered from a comprehensive poll measuring New Jersey’s attitudes towards public education and public school teachers. The state media reported the results of both polls.

“It’s almost poetic that our first poll is about public education, since Kean is the largest producer of teachers in the state,’’ Golway said. “Our roots are in public education. This poll is a tribute to that fact.’’

Golway added that the center is in keeping with President Farahi’s 2020 Vision initiative.

“This center will take Kean to another level in terms of engagement with the public,’’ Golway said. “It’s another indication that Kean University is a vibrant place to be, and that figures to become even more true in the coming years.”


For more information on the NJ Speaks poll, please click here.




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