Student Group Leadership Conference


The Center for Leadership and Service is hosting the Student Group Leadership Conference this week.  It will be starting on Wednesday, May 29th at 11am in UC Little Theatre.

How do you make sure that THIS year—your year—amazing things happen? How do you make this year the one where membership multiplies, events rock, finances flourish and you emerge a hero on the other side?  In this transformational keynote, Pete illustrates practical approaches to catapult your organization to the next level by inspiring real direction, delivering real value, and engaging in real conversations.

The conference will feature both organizational development seminars as well as group fundamental instruction.  

Topics include:

Being Presidential: The president is the highest ranking executive board member in an organization and is one of the most honored roles to obtain. This workshop will provide student group presidents with the insight on how to manage a group from the top of command downward. Discussions will cover the integration of ideas and leadership types to fit a common vision, conflict resolution, and adherence to Robert’s Rule of Order for operational practices.

Second in Command- The Vice President: Vice Presidents serve an important role within any organization, but that role can vary from organization to organization. In general, Vice Presidents are responsible for committee assignments and keeping the membership engaged in the governance of the organization. This workshop will focus on ways to identify and tap into the strengths and talents of the general membership so that they too can play a role within your organization. Being a Vice President also requires being able to assume the duties and responsibilities of the President at any given time, but until that time, the Vice President assists the President in the management of the organization.

Educating The Future- New Member Educators: New member educators of the Kean University Greek community will be provided with leadership training and education essential for the success of their new member education program. This workshop is designed to help you with new member education activities, duties, and information regarding the amount of time the activities will take as well as their purpose.

Secretaries- More Than Minutes: As secretary you are the keeper of your organization’s records. These records include correspondence, agendas and minutes. The Secretary is also responsible for maintaining the student group structure and purpose statement, which is your organization’s most important document. Any document produced by the organization’s Secretary and approved by the membership is considered a legal document and thus must be as accurate as possible. In addition, as Secretary you are responsible for member relations and notifications. This workshop will explain the importance of accurate documentation in minutes, agendas and attendance so that your organization is organized and your information is effective. 

Show Me The Money- How to be an Effective Treasurer: As the treasurer of your organization you are responsible for your organization’s finances. Each organization is different, the banquet and this amount may vary, but one thing will always remain constant: you are spending someone else’s money! This workshop is designed to provide an overview to your role as a treasurer and focuses on accountability, transparency and organization. In addition, several key avenues for funding will be discussed including fundraising, joint programming and other information regarding funding. 

Student Government- The Importance of Your VoiceThis training will review the key components of student government. In addition, student government members will learn information that is necessary for their service to the organization. 

And so much more!  Check out CougarLink for all the training programs and date/times.  

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