Spotting Fake News


In its ongoing lecture series, America Now, the College of Liberal Arts (CLA) took on the issue of fake news, with Kean faculty leading a discussion on how to evaluate news sources and spot fake news. Held at the Miron Student Center on Wednesday, November 29, the lecture by CLA Acting Dean Jonathan Mercantini, Ph.D, journalism professor Patricia Winters Lauro, and history professor Brian Regal, Ph.D. provided students and other members of the campus community a chance to explore how technology, particularly social media, has changed our news habits and exposed vulnerabilities that can be exploited.

The America Now lecture series was created to offer the campus community an opportunity for discussion and conversation on contemporary issues in American society. Previous lectures focused on Immigration and DACA, and Anti-semitism.

Watch FiOS1 News New Jersey report on the America Now, Fake News lecture.

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