Library Offers Invaluable Resources to Students


From research support, to class guides, to digital collections and holdings in excess of 275,000 volumes, The Nancy Thompson Library of Kean University serves as the foundation for academic growth on campus, providing students with resources and assistance to help them maximize their intellectual efforts.  In order for students to utilize such resources it is important they are familiar with everything the library has to offer.

Luis Rodriguez, the University Librarian, emphatically says that the best thing a student can do is to “ask a reference librarian for help!”  He further explains that, “due to the large number of databases available, it is important for students to talk to the librarians and tell them what you need.  Librarians are there to help, will help, and want to help…they are experts."

While there are over 160 databases in the library, students need not feel intimated by its expansiveness, but instead feel empowered by the vast opportunities to learn.  Database programs such as Social Explorer, Library Press Display, Roper Center Public Opinion Archives, and New Jersey Historical Newspapers all house tons of data and are just a few examples of incredible tools waiting to be used.  These have everything from papers, polls, tables, graphs, maps, and more that can enhance the quality of papers and presentations used in class.  Also, there are class handouts created by librarians that have a list of helpful reference titles, ebooks, periodicals, and other documents to guide students for specific classes and are readily available for download on the library’s website.

Mr. Rodriguez states, “You might not be able to tell just by looking at the library that it has so many amazing resources designed to benefit students in their endeavors." That again goes back to the necessity of asking for help when it is needed.  “A lot of it is learning things over time”, he continued. 

So get the library, use the amazing resources, and enhance your studies to produce the best possible work.  Lastly, Mr. Rodriguez points out yet another crucial element that the library has to offer:  Expanded Wifi.  “Wireless access to the campus network is now available outside the Library, either on the benches in the front of the Library or from the Starbucks seating on the side."

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