3 Generations of Kean University Graduates

Keeping Kean In the Family

5th Member of Neumann Family Graduating from Kean at Commencement


When it was time for Matt Neumann to decide the college he would attend, all signs pointed one way, down Morris Avenue to Kean University in Union, N.J. Matt will now be graduating from Kean University in one week at Undergraduate Commencement and will be a third generation graduate and 5th family member to graduate from Kean University, continuing the long family legacy at Kean University.

The long line of family members to graduate from Kean University started in the late ‘60s and early ‘70s when Matt's grandfather, Joseph Serratelli ‘72 attended Kean University. Serratelli chose to attend Kean then because of the programs they offered for his major specifically and the opportunities he was given.

“It has been rewarding to see how Kean University has grown over the years,” said Serratelli ‘72. “Kean continues to provide countless opportunities for aspiring students around the globe.”

Serratelli is now retired, having previously worked in pharmaceuticals as a sales and marketing executive. Serratelli’s daughter, Matt’s mother, Gina Neumann, BA ‘85 MA ‘91 attended Kean also, following in her father's footsteps.

Gina chose Kean because of the outstanding elementary-middle education and ended up receiving her Bachelors in Education and Masters in Counselor Education. During her time at Kean, she was also involved in the college center board, social planning board, and the Kean daycare center.


“My education from Kean University has prepared me for the many challenges I would face in the career of education,” said Gina. “The friendships I developed at KU remain steady throughout the years. These experiences motivated me to encourage my sons to follow in my footsteps and pursue their education goals at Kean.”

While at Kean, Gina met Nick Neumann, her future husband, in the cafeteria in between classes. They had mutual friends and struck up a conversation about events and activities on campus. Shortly after, they agreed to go out on a date and the rest is history, and have now been married since 1989.

Nick graduated with a Business Management degree in 1984. After the completion of school, Nick built and owned a successful information technology company called MindTrust Consulting Services Inc., which was acquired by Compunnel Software Group, Inc, which where he is now the Director of Sales and Staffing.

Nicholas Neumann Jr., Matt’s brother, graduated in 2015 where he received a degree in communication studies. They both chose to attend Kean together while their other brother, Mike, decided to attend another university.

Matt is a communication major at Kean and will graduate this May at the Prudential Center. He chose Kean because of the various family members positive experiences and success stories of them. His family’s success showed him that Kean was the right place to be and motivated him to attend Kean and make the most of it.

“I have had Matthew and his brother Nick in multiple classes and I am advising Matt with his internship at Morgan Stanley,” said Dr. Scott McHugh, lecturer for the School of Communication, Media and Journalism. “Matthew represents the University in a positive manner and it is clear that his family is close and enjoys spending time together.”

“Kean University holds a special place in my heart,” said Matt. “It is a surreal feeling to be walking the same campus as my grandfather, mother, father and brother. I have made lifelong friendships and greatly benefited from the guidance of my various professors throughout the years. My experiences at Kean have shaped me into the person I am today.”

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